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American Wide Broadband (AWB) and DIRECTV® have partnered together in order to provide Condominium Associations, Home Owners Associations and Property Owners with Television solutions that meet the demands of Multi-Resident High-Rise, Mid-Rise and Garden Style properties.

AWB specializes in DIRECTV® Systems for the MDU/MTU (Multiple Dwelling/Multiple Tenant) market. An AWB designed and installed DIRECTV® gives you the best of both worlds; eliminate the need for each resident to have their own individual dish mounted to the property, while still having the ability for each resident to take full advantage of all DIRECTV® has to offer from a programming aspect like the NFL Sunday Ticket™, exclusive sports packages and the most HD channels of any video provider.

There are several great programs to choose from; it can be as simple as the system is on the property for each resident that is interested in signing up for DIRECTV® at their own expense or your property can take advantage of the additional cost savings in going with a property wide bulk video program in which the DIRECTV® base package is provided to all residents and then each resident can upgrade their service above what is provided, at their expense.

Contact AWB today to get more information on the DIRECTV® options open to your property.

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